AutoCAD dynamic blocks are most important elements of modern AutoCAD allowing fulfilling scenarios changing the block interactivity.

The set of dynamic blocks presented consists of 116 graphic symbols for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Mask contours should be turned off in the file being used (wipeout_command).

To change the block interactivity it is necessary to mark the block and change relevant marker of the block.

It is recommended to use the blocks together with tool palette to get quick access, flexible usage and adjustment. You can find description of tool palette adjustmet in any AutoCAD user manual.

System requirements:

  • AutoCAD 2010 or later.
New program - Psychrometric Chart - has been created. The program allows performing calculation of the moist air treatment
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Kitchen Ventilation is updated, the number of possible suction hoods there was increased from 5 to 10.