The design of the site has been changed, various small optimizations have been made in online software.
New program - Pool Ventilation for Android - has been created. The program allows performing calculation of pool ventilation.
New program - Ductwork Surface for Android - has been created. The program allows performing the calculation of surfaces of d

The application allows performing the calculation of surfaces of ducts and their components, determining the quantity of flanges, and generating a duct specification.

Now the whole calculation are readily available for you, perform calculation anywhere: in the workshop, at a construction site, in negotiating, in a transport, office.


  • Paid – Pro version, contains full set of functions.
  • Free – Lite version, contains limited set of functions.
  • Obtain specifications of ducts, duct fittings and flanges.
  • Obtain duct surfaces and material thickness values.
  • Obtain a summary surface table across all systems and material thickness values.
  • Use a wide range of settings.
  • Add, copy, change, delete, or move elements in a specification.
  • Copy, move, or delete a system directly with all embedded elements.
  • Save specifications and summary surface tables as Excel file.
  • Save and load calculation results in a project file.
  • Use the math calculator for additional calculations.
Unlimited number of elements in specification
Calculation of all the available elements
Uploading calculation results to the project file
Copying the systems
Creating specification for ducts, duct elements and flanges
Getting duct surface, duct elements and number of flanges
Tools for elements and systems copying, edit, move and delete
Getting summary chart of all the systems surface and material thickness
Specification and surface summary chart export to Excel
Saving calculation results into the project file