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The design of the site has been changed, various small optimizations have been made in online software.
New program - Pool Ventilation for Android - has been created. The program allows performing calculation of pool ventilation.
New program - Ductwork Surface for Android - has been created. The program allows performing the calculation of surfaces of d
The application allows performing calculation of ventilation for commercial cooking operations.

System requirements:

  • Browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Safari.
  • Get the most up-to-date version of the application.
  • Use the application at any PC at any time.
  • Define supply, infiltration, exhaust and suction hood air flow.
  • Add, copy, modify and remove the equipment of local and general ventilation.
  • Define the suction hood dimensions.
  • Save and download calculation results in the project file.
  • Save the calculation results to PDF format.
  • Use suitable system of units: imperial or metric.
  • Use the math calculator for additional calculations.